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Over the years, dozens of worldwide news stories have featured our exciting new design concepts for fine jewelry.

Today, we continue that tradition, blending a contemporary Southwestern flair with splashes of color. We then add diamonds and round off the creation with both exotic and familiar colored gems - mixing the best features of the Southwest with the finest of European gem setting.

The end result is fine art - beautiful combinations that are always distinctive and never commonplace. We believe that life is too short for boring jewelry and that one shouldn't settle for what the rest of the world is satisfied with. Jewelry can and should be fine art!

Randy Polk began designing one-of-a-kind custom jewelry more than three decades ago. More than 200 newspapers, general interest magazines and gemological publications have covered Randy's adventurous pursuit of new gem materials, his colorful designs and the glamorous celebrities who wear them.

Some stories have compared Randy’s jewelry to fine art. Thus, our slogan, “Fine Jewelry as Fine Art”. Others – both print and network TV – have compared Randy to ‘Indiana Jones’ because of his worldwide search for exotic inlay gem materials to harmonize with the center stones.

Some have even compared Randy’s designs to the most famous jeweler of all time, the late Carl Fabergé. It was Fabergé, official jeweler to the Czar of Russia, who elevated jewelry-making to an art form. He created elegant designs that featured rare and unusual gem materials whose colors perfectly harmonized with the center stones.

While we are extremely grateful for such recognition, another honor flatters us even more. You, our customers, pay us the highest compliment by spending your time to buy our jewelry.

Thank all of you!


Randy and Kitsana built Randy Polk Designs, our Arizona Gallery, beside the famous fountain in Fountain Hills, Arizona, in 2003.

The gallery itself is filled with large, colorful displays of our jewelry. The walls are decorated with poster-size, back-lit jewelry photos and some of the many awards we’ve been fortunate to accumulate over the years. In the back is our workshop, filled with gem-setting and polishing equipment, where Randy and Kitsana create our jewelry
We are long-time members of the Fountain Hills Chamber of Commerce and numerous gemological and gem trade associations. Fountain Hills is a scenic community, east of Scottsdale, at the foot of the famous Superstition Mountains.
16820 E. Avenue of the Fountains, #102
Fountain Hills, AZ 85268