Custom Ordering

This website is designed to familiarize you with us and the types of jewelry we create. If you see a piece that interests you, call or email us and we’ll be happy to give you a price range. But first, we want to make sure you know your options to order exactly what you want. That’s why we haven’t listed prices.

Normally, we don’t expect you to simply call up and place an order without knowing all your choices. Here’s why we don’t use a flat price :

  • Almost every item is customized to give you lots of choices, and the prices will often vary somewhat, depending on what gemstones you choose. A ring may be pictured as a green Brazilian Tourmaline center stone with Australian Opal inlay. But maybe you like the design but don’t like green. Or you want something to match a purple cocktail dress, like an Amethyst center stone with Sugilite inlay.

  • We take great pride in making our customers happy. That’s why we prefer to chat with you before you make a purchase and ask and answer a few questions. Like whether you want a particular color for a specific purpose, such as matching the dress, matching another piece of jewelry or an anniversary. Also, what other pieces of jewelry you might own. What general price range you’re looking for. Maybe the ring you selected has a rare stone and costs more than you want to spend. We can usually come up with a less expensive alternative you’ll love just as much.

  • Maybe you’re not exactly sure what you want. Something dazzling for the wife or husband that will attract immediate attention and lots of compliments. Or maybe you want something a shy spouse will be comfortable in wearing without appearing too colorful. Perhaps a pendant to match a special ring.

  • That’s why we like to talk and get to know you a little bit before committing you to a specific piece of jewelry. But if you see something you like and want it exactly like the picture, we’ll be glad to send you whatever you want. And we’ll be pleased to answer all your questions with no sales pressure. But rest assured of one thing: we want to create a piece of jewelry you’ll treasure for a lifetime. If you don’t like it for any reason, send it back. We’ll be happy to create something else for you. And everything comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Please give us a call. You’ll find that we're easy to talk to.

  • Randy Polk 480-445-0345 or 602-625-4367 (cell)
  • Linda Cortazzo 480-445-0345