Lifetime Warranty

I’ve offered this free warranty for over 30 years and never had a dissatisfied customer.  That’s a really big source of pride for me.  Read the details and please call me if you have any questions. 

What’s a lifetime warranty?

Every piece of my jewelry comes with a lifetime warranty, which is very, very rare in the jewelry business. I can do it because I’m confident of the quality of workmanship. Generally, for as long as you own a piece of jewelry, we’ll repair it free. If a stone should fall out, a piece of inlay breaks or a pearl comes loose, we’ll replace it free. We don’t cover this with two pages of fine print, but here’s the deal:

If you buy a piece of jewelry with a very expensive stone, like an orange sapphire or a big imperial topaz, I suggest at the time of sale that you cover it with your homeowners’ insurance. Otherwise, I’ll replace it at my cost. I warranty all inlay material except for opal, which costs me up to $9,000 per ounce. Even with opal, I charge only a nominal amount, like $70-$80. If a piece is broken from obvious abuse, I only charge my bare cost.

Some women can wear a ring for years and it still looks like new. Others wear it for only a few weeks and it looks beaten up. But the reason for that is they love the ring so much, they never want to take it off. But please, please, take it off when doing the dishes, where most rings and bracelets are damaged. When a knife handle or plate hits the stone, especially underwater, you usually can’t hear it.

There may be some legal loopholes in my warranties, but in all my years of jewelry-making, there’s never been a problem. I’m too old to create one now.

- Randy Polk