While Randy Polk continues to attract worldwide accolades for his spectacular jewelry creations, his wife and star pupil now shares the limelight. It was Kitsana Polk who conceived the ring that that continues to be our best seller of all time. Her elegant Cover Girl, featuring an inverted pearl (inside the ring) accomplished what no other designer had ever dreamed or dared. Fragile in appearance, the delicate pearl is so safely attached that it’s covered in our standard Lifetime Warranty.

Now Kitsana has done it again.

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This time, the pearl is outside the body of the ring, but nestled inside a sparkling diamond-studded extension.
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Her new breakthrough design creates an exquisite presentation for the high-luster freshwater pearl, complemented by dramatic, 3-D pillow-cut Black Jade inlay. The ring can be worn with the pearl facing outward or – for a completely different look – facing inward.

This ring was purchased within minutes by the first customer who saw it. Since then, we've made and sold many others. We predict it will equal or may even surpass the original Cover Girl in popularity.