"My gorgeous rings looked spectacular and I received many compliments. I felt so blessed and special wearing such unique, beautiful jewelry.” – Tom & Heidi
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It’s always a great joy to see the delight that a beautiful piece of our fine art jewelry can bring to someone. Over the years, we’ve had the good fortune to please thousands of customers. With many of them returning the favor with warm words, both in person and in cards and letters.

Many of our regular customers are so happy with the work we've done for them that they’re willing to share their enthusiasm and experiences with you! If you would like to speak with some of them, please let us know. We’d be happy to put you in touch with them so they can share their stories with you directly.
"The ring just arrived, and if I had to sum up my reaction in one word, it would be WOW!! It is even more exquisite than I remembered. It's impossible to explain just how special I feel when it's on my finger. I own quite a bit of jewelry, and none of it can compare to this extraordinary piece of art!" - Nancy Kavin
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“…thanking you for the absolutely breathtakingly, spectacular ring. It is so beautiful; I love, love, love it!!!” – Nancy Kovach

"I've never felt this way about a piece of jewelry before. It's truly a work of art!" – Dianne Klein

“Received the Frog ring today. It fits perfectly and is much heavier than expected. It’s beautiful beyond what I imagined! I see you changed your mind, adding the diamonds along the front edge and not making the eyes diamonds, and I love it!! …Can’t say it enough…Thank You!!!” – Leslie Reed
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Both rings and the bracelet arrived today in perfect condition. All three look even more brilliant than at the show, perhaps owing to the ability to wear them whenever we wish rather than just once. Thank you again for the great service and even greater artistry.” - William Issa

“…Love all of my jewelry!!! I get the most compliments on the pearl/opal ring. Can’t wait to see you and your new designs at the next show.” – Zenia and Sam

"Thank you for making the ring for me. It's truly gorgeous!" - Madeline Albright
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“…I was with my husband, waiting for a table in Aspen, when a woman walked up and took my hand to look at my ring. She asked whether it was a Randy Polk ring, and proudly showed me hers. We laughed and hugged like members of a secret sorority…Love your new website.” – Cindy Green

“I wanted to let you know how thrilled I was with the restoration of my ring…Everything you did expressed what a class act you have created in your business.” - Pat & Bach

"My husband has never worn jewelry in his life, but since I bought him your star sapphire ring, he never leaves the house without it. I think he may like the ring more than he likes me ." - Deanna Williams
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“…standing in line at the checkout counter or even pushing my cart through the aisles, people stop me to admire my bracelet and ask who made it. I’m almost reluctant to tell them, because I don’t want to share the attention with anyone else.” – Susan Elkins

“ Just got my ring back after you resized it for me (lost three dress sizes and half a ring size!) It’s a perfect fit. Now that I can wear it again without fear of it slipping off, I never take it off. Ever! I’m thrilled by it all over again. Thank you, thank you, Randy!!!” – Evelyn Haskins

“…I’ve never been so proud and thrilled with anything in my life. I get compliments everywhere I go. Randy, it’s absolutely stunning!!. My friends are looking at your site on the internet and I’m sure you will be hearing from them. Do I get a commission? Just kidding” - Joann Diamond.